Leading company in the sublimation ink, DFT and office printer sector.

Premium brand of sublimation inks, DFT, and office printers with over 37 years of experience in the sector.

GlopInk GlopInk GlopInk GlopInk GlopInk

Cutting-edge sublimation inks, DFT and office printers.

Discover the versatility of GlopInk, a universe where every ink serves a specific purpose. Whether you’re seeking sublimation inks for creative projects, DTF inks for high-quality textile prints, or standard inks for your office printers, GlopInk offers you exceptional solutions, tailored for every printing need.
What we offer you
tintas sublimacion smart plus glopink

Sublimation Ink

Discover GlopInk's Smart Plus sublimation ink, the best choice for your sublimation printers.

tinta dtf glopink

DTF Inks

Designed for use in plotters and printers adapted for the operation of the DTF technique...

tinta dye colorante glopink

DYE coloring Inks

GlopInk's dye inks are cutting-edge optimized Dye inks designed to deliver an impressive finish.

tinta pigmentadas glopink

Pigment Inks

Our cutting-edge technology provides bright and lasting colors, transforming your prints...

Advantages of GlopInk
variedad aplicaciones glopink

Wide variety of applications

From crisp business presentations to vibrant textile artworks, GlopInk inks have a wide range of applications.

Compatibilidad impresoras tintas glopink

Compatibility with most printers

Inks designed for different uses, specific to each printer manufacturer on the market.

tinta ultima generacion glopink

Cutting-edge inks

Our cutting-edge printing solutions raise the quality standards, providing you with exceptional prints.

calidad precio glopink

Best quality / price on the market

Our inks combine exceptional performance and competitive prices, making them the highest quality-to-price option on the market.

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