The DTF ink from GlopInk can be combined with leftover DTF inks produced in Korea and is suitable for use in all equivalent models of printers and plotters on the market intended for DTF printing.

The innovative encapsulated pigment technology allows for an enhanced DTF ink with a composition that protects the printheads of your printer.

They are designed for use in both plotters and compact desktop printers compatible with the DTF technique.

Features of GlopInk DTF Inks

Colors of GlopInk DTF Inks

Wide range of colors. In addition to the commercial CMYK+W colors, we also have available on request the colors red, green, blue, orange, and in fluorescent red, fluorescent green, fluorescent magenta, and fluorescent yellow colors (60 days for delivery).

Applicable printheads of GlopInk DTF Inks

EPSON I3200/4720/5113 / DX5 printhead and Micro Piezo

Applications of GlopInk DTF Inks

Digital printing technology and subsequent heat transfer.