Discover the Smart Plus GlopInk sublimation ink, the best option for your Epson printers and other desktop printers and plotters with Micro Piezo heads up to DX7!

Want stunning and defined colors in your transfers? Smart Plus sublimation ink makes it possible, especially with the black, which is deeply intense and pure in each transfer. You’ve never seen your images so vibrant before!

But that’s not all. The advantages of Smart Plus sublimation ink don’t stop there. Want impressive visual details and top-notch lamination? This ink stands out among all others on the market!

Now, what truly makes the difference is the ink’s performance and stability. Thanks to the innovative molecule patented by GlopPaper, each print is a masterpiece, as the pigment refracts accurately when you apply heat and pressure with an iron or heat press.

Benefits of Smart Plus Sublimation Ink

Applications of Smart Plus Sublimation Ink

Printing on sublimation paper and other media such as film; and transfer to polyester fabrics or items with a polyester coating such as:

Printers compatible with Smart Plus Sublimation Ink