We offer different varieties of sublimation inks, DTF, and office printers.

We specialize in a variety of inks, each designed to serve a specific purpose and ensure exceptional results. Our catalog includes sublimation inks, DTF inks, dye inks, and pigmented inks, all formulated to provide bright, long-lasting, and high-precision colors.

We manufacture inks for different uses and for all printers on the market, and their application is wide and versatile. Whether you are looking for sublimation inks for creative heat transfer projects, DTF inks for superior textile transfer, dye inks for the most vivid color expression, or pigmented inks for your office prints, we have the perfect solution for you.

Discover the GlopInk Smart Plus sublimation ink, the best option for your desktop printer and plotters with Micro Piezo heads up to DX7!

Next-generation sublimation inks

The GlopInk DTF ink can be combined with leftover DTF inks produced in Korea and is suitable for use in all corresponding printer and plotter models available on the market intended for DTF printing.

The GlopInk dye inks are optimized cutting-edge Dye inks whose hue resides in nano-molecules that have the unique characteristic of coloring paper or other printing media, such as photographic paper.

The pigmented inks from GlopInk are innovative and optimized, possessing pigments at the nano-molecule level. They have the particularity of providing color to different printing media, including ordinary and photographic paper, always providing high-quality results.”